About Ginger Cat Glass

Vanessa’s glass work is a real pleasure to own. Each piece is beautiful and also very tactile. Whether you want a stock item or something more individual, her willingness to listen to personal ideas whilst offering her experience and creative input, means you will own, or give someone else a gift of, a unique piece of glassware that bears Vanessa’s individual style, creativity and her very special attention to detail. This said, Vanessa ensures that your commission pieces demonstrate your personal creativity and style above all else, without compromising on her ability to produce a wonderful piece. I buy from Vanessa on a regular basis, for my business and personal needs, for myself, family & friends.

Angela Kennedy29th Sept 2016

At Ginger Cat Glass I have been creating beautiful art for many years and after making glass gifts for friends and family I decided to started exhibiting my artwork and selling it.  The demand I have had and the popularity of my Facebook page have led to the creation of my own website.

I had been attending workshops and learning more about the art of glass fusing for several years before making the decision to buy my own kiln and build my workshop.  I enjoy spending time creating art with glass along with my ginger boy Ollie Purrs! 

I love how glass catches the light and the colours change throughout the day.  I’m amazed how tactile glass can be from the completely smoothed out rounded edges to the contoured textural finishes that can be created with applying different temperatures in the kiln. I enjoy making seaside landscapes with waves, boats and beach huts, but equally I am happy to open the kiln to see a rainbow sun catcher ready to hang in a window or garden.

My work also includes using metals, wires and metallic powders thus creating depth and bubbles in my pieces making each one a completely bespoke piece as this can never ever be matched again due to the temperatures in the kiln blended with the trapped air in between the glass.

Over the past year I started to exhibit some of my work at local art shows and found that people loved my work and I have been very lucky to take on several commissions which have inspired me to go on and create bigger and more intricate works.

Working with glass is a never ending journey and I continue to attend workshops and classes in order to gain knowledge and improve my skills of working with this amazing material. Glass is my passion!